Quip for HR & Recruiting

Finding new teammates requires a focused approach, constant coordination, and top-notch communication from your HR team. Quip is the spearhead your team needs to land your next big fish.

Find your needle in a haystack

The hunt for a new employee is an arduous journey. Make it easier with a Quip spreadsheet where you can crowd-source leads from your team's network and track your team's progress communicating with each candidate.

Track candidates in Quip

Make your interviews count

Understanding whether a candidate is the right person for the job takes a village. Prepare and organize your team to facilitate comprehensive interviews that effectively measure your candidate. Capture and share feedback and make a decision as a group about who your next teammate is.

Share interview notes in Quip

Give newbies the key to the castle

Tired of throwing your new hires into the deep end? Create a welcome document for the resources, important reads, and inflight projects that your new employee needs to get up to speed on. With everything in Quip, your new hire can become a productive veteran in no time.

Welcome new hires in Quip

Share feedback, grow together

Great organizations have a habit of exchanging valuable feedback that drives every team and relationship forward. Use Quip documents to capture performance reviews between managers and individual contributors, peers, and departments.

Complete performance reviews in Quip

Self-service is the best service

Give every employee visibility and access to your company’s policies and procedures. When someone has a question they can comment and get an answer in context for everyone to see in the future. Start deflecting repeated questions rather than siloing important answers to another one-off email conversation.

Share policies and procedures in Quip

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How the Quip HR & Recruiting Team uses Quip

Quip's HR team loves Quip because it helps them drive employee satisfaction and coordinate our talent recruitment efforts. Here's a few examples of documents and spreadsheets our HR team uses often.

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